Friday, December 18, 2009

Staying in the Art Game

I have so much to do to prepare for shows coming up in January. The problem is you enter so many shows and at the time you estimate or guess what works you will put in. They want so much information so many months ahead of time. By the time its time to take your work to the show, you are , "Oh My, what did I say I was putting in" and "Oh I havn't even framed it, painted it, printed it, etc etc". I love being and artist but its constant work and if you put the brush, the competition forms, the computer networking tools, down for a minute you are behind the 8 ball as they say. To be an artist takes work. Not just the creative kind but the smarts, networking side. It takes two kinds of people to be a successful artists. You have to know how to put it out there, then you have to be prepared to be rejected, which is even worse!

Here is a work I hope to put into a show soon. Comment would be great. BillyLee