Saturday, January 16, 2010


Yesterday I sold my "Guitar Girl" Painting. A young lady came down from the city. She had seen my artwork on Redbubble and had fallen in love with this painting. I had a lovely afternoon with her. She doesn't paint herself but she really felt something towards this painting. Now she has kindly sent me photographs of its new resting place and I couldn't be looks wonderful. A great day, a great sale, and I even get to see where its hanging. Most artists never get to see their work after its sold. I am very happy.

Follow the link and read what she has to say...all up I am a happy artist today after selling two works in the Sorrento art show...see you gotta be in it to sell it. Plus the internet is the prime reason I got to sell this painting. Never under estimate the power of the NET. Thanks everyone.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sorrento Art Show

Well, I have delivered to the Sorrento ARt Show. There is nothing like dropping off your work and thinking to yourself, "Oh No, I have figured this all wrong". AFter doing the Somers Art Show I realized that my work was priced too high.....little things sold and little prices. So, I thought I would do it this time. However after dropping off at Sorrento, it seems to be in reverse. You are greeted at the entry of a painting selling for $10,000 and as you walk around you see things priced over the $1000 mark. Then , as you turn a corner you will see my woodcut prints, beautifully framed and mounted selling for a mere $300. The work that goes into a woodcut is something people don't really comprehend.

Whenever I drop off at an art show...I second guess myself. I wander where I fit in and why...its frustrating for sure.

So, to anyone who reads this blog before this Sunday or it could be today actually. Go to the Sorrento art Show. I have three pieces in there this weekend. Let me know if you find me there....Billy

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