Sunday, December 20, 2009

Staying in the Art Game 20/12/09

Its not easy making sure you have at least an hour of "art time" when you are a mother of two and you have six pets, a business to run and chores to run, like Christmas shopping.....noooooooooo its not easy.

So what did I get up to today in the name of art. In between the bank, the post office, the department stores and parking (what parking) I managed to.....wait for it........hang a painting. Yes, I actually put string behind a painting and hung it in my living room. Deciding that I could never part with the particular piece of art because it is of my daughter....I have officially found it a home in the living room. Its a large piece and takes a good part of the wall up.

So here it is. I hope you like it. Its my contribution to my art today. Because, even if you can't make it, think it, or even read about it, you can, perhaps, hang something on a wall. Its all in the name of art. My art. Feeling good about that today.

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  1. Billy, it's glorious! If I ever painted something that beautiful (of my DD), I wouldn't part with it either. Excellent work - and keep blogging - it's entertaining and worth it. If you are able to add stuff to your profile on RedBubble, then blogging should be a breeze!
    Happy Holidays!