Friday, May 27, 2011

After the Flood came the dreams - Lino Cut

This is a lino cut I recently finished. Of course its hand painted with inks. I should print this again but I find if I print something and it has one part I don't like I tend to move on to the next print. But I will print another of these soon. Without the hand paint.

Meanwhile I have decided to go to university and get my BA in Fine Art and Visual Culture. It is a huge endevour and I wander if its one I can cope with. What with working, raising a family, and teaching printmaking. I also need time to do my own arts practice and wander if I have what it takes. After all I'm not acedemic at all. I can barely write well and all I want to do is my art.

I start on Monday, part time, online, one unit at a time. I am excited but apprehensive. I am curious but weary. Its a new path. Am I too old or just beginning. LIfe is an amazing journey. STay tuned!

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